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From justken <>
Subject re-> stupid Question About MySQL include UltraDev.
Date Mon, 31 Dec 2001 10:07:35 GMT
i've been using a combination of perl and coldfusion to access my MySQL 
databases on both win2k and a unix/nt hybrid.

i believe that there are several versions of linux that can run coldfusion, 
supporting mysql. Also it's possible to have mysql on a linux box, cf on a 
win2k box, and connect them. or both the db and server on one box, and your 
development on a remote system. it speeds things up a lot, and i must 
admit, since most of my stuff ends up on a unix system, it's good that i 
catch my Case sensitive stuff BEFORE i upload my entire site and wonder why 
stuff is "404 not found"

I had a lot of trouble getting coldfusion to work with apache, the 
documentition was incorrect and the line
"LoadModule coldfusion_module modules/ApacheModuleColdFusion.dll" needs to 
be installed after the addmodule directive since this is the new way of 
loading modules. The "ClearModuleList" directive will clear your coldfusion 
module if you place it where the doc's tell you to.

note: coldfusion express will not work with mySQL, which seems kinda 
strange, since that forces you to either pay for the server, or the database.

i've configured UltraDev to work with mySQL and could not connect when 
using CF express as the server (see previous). however using cf Enterprise 
there was no problem. regardless of www server mySQL requires myODBC to 
work with ultradev and CF, set up your mySQL database in ODBC then in CF 
and then ultrDEV should connect.
Of course i'm assuming that you are using ultradev for programming cf code, 
ive dabbled with it's asp and jsp, but only with an access database - i was 
iv'e stopped using ultraDev almost entirely for the past year - so most of 
this stuff is distant memory, as i've found that macromedia makes a mess of 
my handcoding, however i do remember spending hours in the knowledge base 
trying to connect, and when i did, i was less than impressed with the 
ultraDEV query builder. better to just hand code, you'll have to know the 
sql specifics anyway - even for access and server7 which it's best friends 

i should also mention that i use cf myself on an win2k box for development, 
and move my code primarily to either a unix box or a unix/nt hybrid which 
is administered by a hosting comany other than myself, for actual 
implementation. so how they connect the linux version of cf to mysql - i've 
no idea, but they do do it.

>On Sun, Dec 30, 2001 at 10:49:11AM -0500, Vernon A Webb wrote:
> > I hate to sound really stupid, but I am brand new to Linux
> > and Apache, not to mention MySQL!
> >
> > If MySql and Linux doesn't support ASP, then what does it
> > support other than html and XML?
> >
> > What programs are being used for development of Web pages
> > that are database driven?
> >
> > Thanks
> >

ken easson
justken web programming and technical support.

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