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From Frank Peavy <>
Subject Re: Use of Apache for Remote Control -
Date Sat, 08 Dec 2001 20:20:32 GMT
In response to Joshua's comments at the bottom of this message:

Sorry for being so "dense" about this; maybe if I try to put your 
"thoughts" into my words, it might help.

So, I am at a remote location sitting at my workstation(my web client) and 
I access my webserver running Apache, which renders my index.html page(lets 
assume that the page has some data entry fields).

Now, if I initiate a CGI request(?), I can have the data from my form past 
to a (as an example a Python program) program. The program would execute 
and if there is data that needs to be communicated back, the program could 
send that to Apache, which would in-turn, renders it to my client.

How did I do?

Joshua wrote:
> >  >... I highly recommend you
> > >simply use the Common Gateway Interface (CGI).  This is a standard
> > >specification for how external programs should interface with a web
> > >server, and it will work in pretty much every web server.  It simply
> > >defines how to pass data from a web form to a program, and how to return
> > >data from the program to the web client.
> >
> > Maybe I miss understood the last sentence. Was the last word "client"
> > supposed to be "server"?
> >From the program to the client is what I meant.  Of course, the server
>stands between the two and acts as the intermediary.
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The official User-To-User support forum of the Apache HTTP Server Project.
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