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From Tom Ray <>
Subject Re: setting up apache to read .htaccess
Date Fri, 21 Dec 2001 07:11:56 GMT
And make sure the permissions on your .htaccess file are atleast 755.

Owen Boyle wrote:

>Matthew Kalastro wrote:
>>Apache 1.3.22 isn't seeing my .htaccess files, and I think I've got the config
>>correct.  It's readable by apache.  Are there other config directives that
>>effect .htaccess files?
>>    AllowOverride All
>>    AccessFileName .htaccess
>Could be a few things:
>- Check that the directives you want to use are actually allowed in the
>context of .htaccess.
>- AccessFileName can't go in a <Directory> container, but since you have
>set this to its default value, this probably doesn't matter.
>- AllowOverride has to go in a <Directory> container, so the directives
>you quote above should never be consecutive as you have shown.
>- Multiple <Directory> containers which refer to the same directory
>(even by inheritance) are combined according to a logical set of rules.
>If you are not aware of the rules, you may get a surprise. Basically,
>more specific <Directory>s override less specific and those at the same
>level are processed in order (so last is most important). So, do you
>have another <Directory> container which is switching off .htaccess?
>You should have something like:
>AccessFileName .htaccess
><Directory /path/to/htaccessed/directory>
>  AllowOverride All
>  Allow from all
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