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From "PBal" <>
Subject apache 2.0 perchild with php
Date Wed, 19 Dec 2001 14:47:16 GMT
Hi Everyone!

I tried lots of stuff to get this setup working, but without success.
The perchild MPM is important, because I have different sites hosted on a machine any 
it would be good if they couldn't read echo others php scripts, so I'd have to run them as

different users (there are passwords in those files, for instance).
The story:
The first thing I tried was 2.028 beta with php 4.1. Compiled Apache with modifying a 
line (probably a type error?) in the source file perchild.c. Compiled php without 
Edited httpd.conf appropiately; inserted line LoadModule, [...] application/x-httpd-php 
[...] and the rest...
Result: It always just returned the php files without processing. I thought let's try a 
newer PHP version. Compiled last weeks CVS tree. And it finally did what it was 
expected to! index.php returned an error that an included file could not be found. This 
was logical, because there was no php.ini and the include dir was not configured. I set 
up php.ini in the directory shown by phpinfo(), and restarted the server: SEGFAULT. 
When I removed php.ini, it worked again...
Then I tried the latest apache CVS, but perchild didn't compile in any of them. I even 
tried 2.0.18 with php 4.0.6, both official releases. They compiled wonderfully compared 
to what I've expected, but it returns the pages unprocessed! After almost a week of 
continous compiling and some "experience" I thought someone in this world surely 
succeeded with this, so what should I try to make it work?... waiting for the final release

is no option. :)

Is there another way of doing the same thing (running PHPs as different users)?
If yes, what exactly?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.


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