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From Owen Boyle <>
Subject Re: RAM buffers of files
Date Thu, 06 Dec 2001 08:56:28 GMT
Marian Krause wrote:
> NO, no, no, no....
> there is no file:
> /www/free/agroturystyka/free/agroturystyka/ramglw.html
> There is:
> default VirtualServer
> DocRoot: /www
> other VirtualServer
> DocRoot: /www/free/agroturystyka
> So, there is one file:
> /www/free/agroturystyka/ramglw.html

Ok - but the config you posted earlier was incorrect and confusing. I
remind you - I know nothing about your machine.

> After change file /www/free/agroturystyka/ramglw.html Apache was sending
> always old file before change.
> After restart Apache, he start send well file.
> After come back to 1.3.14 from backup, ewerything is OK.

This is very strange. I have apache 1.3.22 (along with millions of
others) and don't see this behaviour. 

To prove there is nothing wrong with your config, can you make a totally
minimalist config consisting of:

# START of httpd.conf

ServerRoot   /home/apache
DocumentRoot /home/apache/www
<Directory /home/apache/www>
    Order allow,deny
    Allow from all

# END of httpd.conf

Then put one file in /home/apache/www and hit it, then edit it, then hit
it again...

There are still a number of things which could be wrong:
- perhaps apache 1.3.22 is more strict on system clock and modification
dates than 1.3.14.
- perhaps you have an ambiguity in httpd.conf which 14 ignores but which
22 detects (and causes problems).
- perhaps your system clock is out/confused/malfunctioning (can you
verify that the modification date changes when you update a file?)


Owen Boyle.

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