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From Daniel Lopez <>
Subject Re: Best way to do this
Date Sun, 30 Dec 2001 18:15:41 GMT

Hi Fred,

> was composed of people with similar backgrounds - and I've been perterbed 
> by the number of users asking questions that are repeatedly answered in 
> lots of the resources that are commonly available.  My brusque reply was a 
> consequence of what I see as clutter in my mailbox.

Everybody wants to keep the signal to noise ratio high. My comment was more
on the line of educating the users rather that telling them 'RTFM', even if
they ask a stupid question. It is better to point them to the FAQ
or the appropriate manual section and then remind me them that they
should have read that before. Most people thank this approach and improve
quickly, becoming in turn good contributors to the list.

> Re. the latter, today, "Allen May" <> is asking about "I'm 
> being scanned... What do I do?"  When I saw similar entries in my server's 
> logs, I read through the newsgroup and determined it's 
> Nimda activity.  Since no one had said anything about what to do, I _then_ 
> asked for advice about how to report the problem.  The reply in the 
> newsgroup merely confirmed my suspicion, but didn't offer any advice.  In 
> _this_ mailing list, though, Daniel Lopez <> offered a

Yes, I replied that mail too quickly (One could argue there are so many IIS
worms it is hard to keep count :) 

This one is a generic one:

> link that speaks of dealing with Code Red, not Nimda.  It's a clue, 
> however, and in following up on it, I expect to build a similar reporting 
> tool to handle Nimda scans, which I will contribute to the community as 
> part of my payment for the free software I'm using.


> It's challenges/solutions/resources such as I've described in the last two 
> paragraphs I like to see in my mailbox, not questions that sound like 
> they're from someone who wants their work done for them.  If my answers 
> seem rude, I guess you should ignore them - and the work I do.  I would
> really recommend reading Eric's essay, though...

I still think it is better to point them to the FAQ or the right resource
(including the essay you mention) instead of telling them RTFM. Or if you
really really really feel like telling them RTFM :) in addition point them
to the FAQ

Best regards 


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