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From Billy Harvey <>
Subject Re: Mod_rewrite question
Date Tue, 18 Dec 2001 14:19:31 GMT
On Tue, 2001-12-18 at 09:11, Joshua Slive wrote:
> On Tue, 18 Dec 2001, Alexander Isaev wrote:
> >
> > I have a site e.g. It was indexed by Search
> > Engines. And  now where a user comes from e.g.
> > I'd like to "rewrite" him to my main page. I use the following
> > statement:

> First let me say that this is a very nasty thing to do.  People are using
> google to search for a particular thing, and they found it on a particular
> portion of your site.  But you are preventing them from accessing that and
> shoving them back to your homepage.  This blows the whole purpose of
> search engines.  Google is very aggressive in finding and punishing this
> kind of manipulation, so if you do this, you may find your site removed
> from google entirely.  Even if they don't, I would be loath to visit a
> site that did this to me.

There are many valid reasons to require a visitor to begin his
navigation via your front page.  The fact that google indexed my site
some time ago - an amount of time that *I* as the most knowledgeable
about the specifics of my site *don't control* - is sufficient alone for
me as the site designer/maintainer to decide if I want to force everyone
to enter via the front page.  It is my site - *I* decide on the control
- not google.  If the visitor doesn't like my control, he's welcome to
go elsewhere.

I solve this problem, on those sites where needed, by using a session
that times out at a period I specify.  Since cookies are an on again/off
again affair for who enables them, etc., I've quit using them for the
most part and generate a unique identifier that is attached to the url
after visiting the home page.  Subsequent pages check to see if that
identifier is still valid, and if not redirect my visitor to the home
page.  This way a bookmark that's more than a specified time old will
still "work" but in the way I control.

I've also not seen anything about google considering this manipulation,
nor would I care if they do.  They're a search engine - not a
self-elected decider of "the right way" to visit my site.  That's for me
to decide.


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