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From <>
Subject For Apache - Is this possible?
Date Sun, 16 Dec 2001 04:13:25 GMT
I use Apache HTTP Server to run webspace off my own computer for showing friends or people
on messageboards images or anything else that need be. I was wondering if there is a way to
'tag' my entire web directory and keep a running count on how many times each file has been
accessed or viewed through the web.  I don't have any htm files really, just directories wth
files, so I'd need to keep a count on how many times the files were accessed not how many
times a 'link' (on an html files) has been clicked.

I dont know if this woudl be an addon to Apache as I am not very familiar with it othern then
what I needed to do to get Apache running for my needs. Or if there is a program out there
that will somehow do this, someone please let me know.

I'm running Windows XP.

Hope this was a 'smart question' but I doubt it, hehehehe.

Thanks for any help.
-y00yCDz  (AOL Instant Messenger name is also y00yCDz if anyone wants to chat about this)

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