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From "Thomas Reagan" <>
Subject Problems building 2.0.28 using opt layout
Date Wed, 12 Dec 2001 04:22:16 GMT

I realize that 2.0.28 is a beta release at this point; however, I am having
some pretty confusing problems building using the opt layout.

Apache is unpacked to /opt/apache/src/httpd-2_0_28.  /opt/apache/src/current
is a symlink to that directory.

I cd into the current directory, then run
./configure --enable-layout=opt --enable-shared-mods=all

When I make, then make install, I find the following issues:

1.) The Makefiles for srclib/apr and srclib/aprutil still have
/usr/local/apache2 as the prefix

2.) The directory layouts from opt are not preserverd.  Specifically, while
logs ends up in /var/opt/apache, the htdocs, icons, etc. all end up in

I searched through the archives for a day, found nothing concrete except
some complaints that the build system is slightly broken.

Is there something obvious I am missing, or should I just give up and head
to an RPM?


--Tom Reagan

PS This is on a RedHat 7.2 install, kernel 2.4.16 from rawhide, autoconf
2.13, make 3.79.

Thomas Reagan
Interactive Edge
Phone 	+1 212.462.4900 ext. 249
Facsimile 	+1 212.462.4211

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