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From Lars Eilebrecht <>
Subject Re: mod_rewrite lässt mich mal wieder verzweifeln...
Date Thu, 27 Jul 2006 09:51:23 GMT
According to Marcus:

> RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI}              ^/pfad/zur/suchen.jsp
> RewriteCond %{HTTP_USER_AGENT}         Marcus
> RewriteRule ^/pfad/zur/suchen\.jsp\?(.*)
> 	http://www.dom.tld/pfadB/Search/?$1&neuerDritter= [L,R=301]

Der Pattern wird nicht auf den Query-String gematcht. Du müssest
hier RewriteCond mit %{QUERY_STRING} verwenden.

Steht auch als Hinweis in der RewriteRule-Doku drin:


 Note: Query String

 The Pattern will not be matched against the query string. To do this, you
 must use a RewriteCond with the %{QUERY_STRING} variable. You can, however,
 create URLs in the substitution string, containing a query string part.
 Simply use a question mark inside the substitution string, to indicate that
 the following text should be re-injected into the query string. When you
 want to erase an existing query string, end the substitution string with
 just a question mark. To combine new and old query strings, use the [QSA]


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