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From yokosafati <>
Subject compatibility between apache 2.0.* and different openssl versions
Date Sat, 03 Dec 2005 20:15:46 GMT
Hi apache user-community,

I am running 2 apache webservers version 2.0.54
compiled with an openssl version 0.9.7d on  solaris 8
and 9 machines. However because of security reasons, I
would like to install a new version of openssl 0.9.7i 
without having to recompile apache from scratch.

I am not sure whether my apache webserver will still
run without any problems. Can anyone help me here ?
What if instead of installing openssl 0.9.7i, I
install openssl version 0.9.8a ?

In connection to with this I have general questions
regarding openssl versions:
1. are openssl versions backward compatible within
their major releases e.g openssl 0.9.7* (0.9.7c,
0.9.7d ....... 0.9.7i ) ?
2. are openssl versions backward compatible between
their major releases e.g openssl 0.9.7* and 0.9.8* ?

Kind regards



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