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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <>
Subject Unable to run t/ssl tests.
Date Fri, 22 Jul 2005 22:20:05 GMT
On Win32...

Using openssl 0.9.8, httpd 2.1-dev (current) and perl-framework
(current)... and I end up in a loop between running t/TEST -clean
and t/TEST -apxs g:/path/to/apxs with this error, every time;

The Subject's Distinguished Name is as follows
countryName           :PRINTABLE:'US'
stateOrProvinceName   :PRINTABLE:'California'
localityName          :PRINTABLE:'San Francisco'
organizationName      :PRINTABLE:'ASF'
commonName            :PRINTABLE:'localhost'
emailAddress          :IA5STRING:''
Certificate is to be certified until Jul 22 21:36:28 2006 GMT (365 days)

Write out database with 1 new entries
unable to rename serial to serial.old
reason: File exists
[  error] configure() has failed:
system ca -policy policy_anything -in csr/server_des3_dsa.csr -out certs/server_
des3_dsa.crt -passin pass:httpd -config conf/server_des3_dsa.cnf -batch extensions comment
failed (exit status=1) at G:\built\perl-framework\blib\lib/Apache/ line 172.

[warning] forcing Apache::TestConfig object save
[warning] run 't/TEST -clean' to clean up before continuing

Does this look familiar to anyone?


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