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From Michael Peters <>
Subject Re: mp2 and mp1
Date Sat, 09 Jul 2005 23:10:33 GMT
Philip M. Gollucci wrote:
> Hi,
> Are there any docs on getting A-T to place nice with a module that works
> under both mp1 and mp2.0.0+ ?
> The httpd.conf files written out load instead of
> at the moment for me.

Are you using Apache::TestMM or Apache::TestMB?

When you run a test using Apache-Test and you don't specify the -apxs
option during the 'perl Makefile.PL' or 'perl Build.PL' for your module,
then Apache::Test will use the default one that it chose when it was
built. So it looks like you built it initially against mp1. To test
against mp2, just point it toward the right apxs....

perl Build.PL -apxs /usr/local/apache2/bin/apxs

Michael Peters
Plus Three, LP

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