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From Geoffrey Young <>
Subject Re: loading mod_perl first?
Date Wed, 09 Feb 2005 19:56:34 GMT

Christopher H. Laco wrote:
> Geoffrey Young wrote:
>> in general, I think it is atypical that one apache module depends on
>> another
>> module being loaded before it itself can load.  that is, in a LoadModule
>> sense - sure, lots of things depend on mod_perl, but they use
>> PerlModule not
>> LoadModule.  embperl seems to be the exception to this.  axkit would
>> be the
>> only other I could think of but I just verified that it uses
>> PerlModule as well.
> Don't the new 2.x proxy modules have the same type of dependency?
> mod_proxy_connect, mod_proxy_http and mod_proxy_ftp require mod_proxy,
> but I've never tried loading them out of order to see if they fail.

yeah, that seems to be the case.  and apparently there are some things that
may require mod_dav as well.

but generally this isn't an issue, since we inherit the order, as well as
module location, from httpd.conf.  of course, if mod_dav wanted to use
Apache-Test for its own development it wouldn't inherit from httpd.conf but
would create its own class to handle things for it.

what makes mod_perl unique in this circumstance is that we are making
exception for Embperl, which is really a third party module that we have no
control over - anybody can have a custom mod_foo that depends on mod_perl or
any other module, but that doesn't mean we need to account for it in
Apache-Test land.

anyway, I'm starting to think that the best solution is like the one I've
attached here, at least for the moment.  what this means is that people with
Embperl in their httpd.conf won't have problems, while people wanting to
explicitly test Embperl will have to do what everyone else needs to do -
subclass and determine the module loading order themselves.


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