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From venugopal Narayanabhatla <>
Subject couple of questions on "flood" tool.
Date Mon, 10 Jan 2005 18:20:37 GMT
Hi ,

I have downloaded and compiled the code and get the examples working, 
but does not work when I am trying to customize to  my environment,

I want to use it loadtest our relayserver which accepts POST requests of 
different file sizes , and then also accetps GET requests to get those 
POSTed files.

1. This is my original request(from the capture using a proxy), I am 
trying to use
""+MY_TOKEN+ &
        "&sender=testuser&recver=tuser HTTP/1.0" ON 1            &
        HEADER DEFAULT_HEADERS            &
So I  included this in my test,.xml file in flood

 <url method="POST" 

It does not work.
A. Is payload the right parameter to specifiy the body of the POST 
request. Is there a way to include different sizes of files in the request.
B. Is there a way to parameterise different parts of  a url from a file 
and run the tests.

I appologise for spamming the whole list. but I need some help here.


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