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From Oden Eriksson <>
Subject Re: Apache-Test
Date Thu, 13 Jan 2005 14:58:54 GMT
torsdag 13 januari 2005 15.34 skrev Stas Bekman:
> Geoffrey Young wrote:
> >>may be we should stop trying to parse the leading string and just gor
> >>for "/x.y.zz" part. Otherwise we will never satisfy everybody.
> >
> > I think the last time this came up we decided that we just couldn't
> > satsify everyone and we left it as is.
> >
> > my personal pov is that Apache-Test is for the Apache webserver as it
> > ships from - if third parties want to mess with the
> > official server designation they can, this being open source and all, but
> > then they shouldn't expect software that adheres to the conventions
> > within httpd to run without similar modifications.
> >
> > that is, if you patch httpd to create a custom server name you can patch
> > Apache-Test to work with the custom name if you want it to work with your
> > distribution.  it shouldn't be the development team's issue.
> In which case we need to remove the custom patterns we have added so far?
> +1, but the last time we added a new pattern when somebody brought an
> argument, that users weren't able to run A-T because of this failure and
> waiting for the vendor to fix this was not an option. Moreover if users
> download A-T from CPAN and not a binary package from the vendor, they will
> have this problem and they will come to complain here.
> So may be my suggestion of just matching the "/x.y.zz" part is worth a try?

To test this I have removed the tagging but got problems elsewhere because we 
use defines to activate stuff in our config. So for example *if* mod_env is 
installed we pass -DHAVE_ENV when starting apache. I think the easiest thing 
for me to do is to make a wrapper that feeds A-T with what it wants.

Does the A-T stuff has to be installed? Is it required during mod_perl runtime 
in any way?

Regards // Oden Eriksson

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