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From Stas Bekman <>
Subject Re: [NOTICE] Subversion conversion
Date Sun, 14 Nov 2004 20:29:07 GMT
Geoffrey Young wrote:
> Sander Striker wrote:
>>I'm finally taking care of the conversion of httpd-* to SVN.
>>I'll follow up with instructions on how to pull new workingcopies,
>>etc etc.  I'm looking for volunteers to actually write a page
>>for developers on where to get SVN and how to check out the
>>sources from the SVN repository.
> I thought we had discussed httpd-test a while back - something like we
> couldn't migrate httpd-test to subversion until modperl-2.0 was also
> migrated to subversion, since a mp2 checkout includes part
> httpd-test/perl-framework/Apache-Test.
> personally, I'd rather use subversion for everything, and I can't recall the
> specifics of the issue, but I thought I'd bring it up in case it makes sense
> to somebody :)

It's just that someone needs to simultaneously move modperl-2.0 to 
subversion too. And modperl-docs too, since they are checked out into 
modperl-2.0 check out. As long as this is all done at once there should be 
no problem. None of these projects had any branching so it shouldn't be a 
problem. But I've next to zero experience with subversion, so I'm not 
volunteering to do that.

Also it's important to keep a frozen version of the cvs, so one could 
still get cvs diffs for those modified checkouts that we have, for work in 

So first modperl-docs needs to be moved, then httpd-test, then 
modperl-2.0, I believe.

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