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From Geoffrey Young <>
Subject -one-process configuration option
Date Wed, 22 Sep 2004 01:59:13 GMT
hi all...

I've found it necessary to toggle single server mode when using Apache-Test,
specifically for getting Devel::Cover to work with mod_perl 1.0 nicely.  so,
I'd like to add an option for switching back to single server mode on demand
for a normal run.

the problem is that TestServer, which controls how the server is started,
does not have access to TestRun parsed configuration options.  TestServer
has access to TestConfig options, but all of those take arguments and
persist until the next time you run -clean, which isn't desirable.

we've run into this issue before, wanting to give TestServer access to
per-run directives, but we never really had a decent solution.  this one
just adds an Apache::TestRun object to the Apache::TestServer hash at the
appropriate times, which TestServer can then use if it so chooses.  other
solutions welcome.


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