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From Geoffrey Young <>
Subject run_tests and test_clean
Date Wed, 15 Sep 2004 18:48:17 GMT
hi all...

in we have this:

  test_clean :

  run_tests : test_clean

test :: pure_all run_tests test_clean

in a test suite with *lots* of files, test_clean takes forever.  however, I
experience has shown me that test_clean is only really required when you
make changes to a configuration file or have autogenerated files you want to
regenerate, making it a waste common development circumstances where a
single test file is run over and over again.

I'd like to suggest that test_clean _not_ be a prerequisite for run_tests,
but instead shuffle the 'test' target around a bit.  with the attached
patch, you can save *lots* of cycles by doing something similar to the

$ make test TEST_FILES=t/foo.t
$ make run_tests TEST_FILES=t/foo.t
$ make run_tests TEST_FILES=t/foo.t

in my current situation, the first (with t/TEST -clean) runs in 45 seconds,
while the second (and subsequent) iteration runs in 29 seconds.  definitely
a plus for me :)


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