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From Stas Bekman <>
Subject Re: failing httpd-test tests
Date Wed, 11 Aug 2004 18:36:36 GMT
Geoffrey Young wrote:
>>But things are getting more and more fragile and dependant on each
> indeed.  right now a fresh checkout will not even run for me because I don't
> have an ssl-enabled apache to run against.  this is not a minor issue, as I
> suspect I'm in the majority for normal users.

Agreed. I'll try to reproduce it and resolve it. Sorry for the breakage.

>>making the code less and less maintainable.
> exactly - I'm kind of at a loss for what exactly to do here to fix it.  you
> made a few suggestions, but I really don't know what's best - between the
> sticky configuration stuff (that I still don't care for) and the new
> configuration breakdown I'm pretty much lost at the moment.
>>We need to rethink
>>how the things are configured in A-T, 
> I think it all used to be just fine.  well, maybe not fine but maintainable
> to a certain degree.  then we started adding magic things like sticky
> preferences and the ability to move the test directory around and things got
> considerably more complex.

Well, those things aren't magical, they were just solutions to the 
existing (some pretty bad) problems. I've a way too many other things to 
do, to just go and break Apache-Test for fun.

>>write some sort of test suite to
>>cover what's working, then completely rewrite the configuration process
>>from scratch, making sure that things are still working.
> ideally, sure.  I just can't think of how to do that.

Do what? The test suite? I think this is the first step.

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