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From Geoffrey Young <>
Subject forcing full config in Makefile.PL (was Re: failing httpd-test tests)
Date Wed, 11 Aug 2004 12:24:00 GMT

> As a result of my changes, now the API has two wrappers
> Apache::Test::config (full config as before), and
> Apache::Test::basic_config, which is the same sans httpd information.
> For example to autogenerate t/TEST and other files you don't need to
> know anything about httpd, and therefore you shouldn't require users to
> supply that info before it's really needed.

one of the things I've tried to do but was never able to get working was
call have_apache within Makefile.PL.  being able to do this would be a nice
way to add a PREREQ_PM-type precondition for building modules that rely on,
say, httpd 2.1.

as a user it doesn't quite make sense why this wouldn't work - Makefile.PL
is getting passed -apxs or -httpd, so you would think that after the call to
filter_args the httpd version would be known.

being able to support something like this, whether automatically or on
command would be really great.  that is, forcing a full configuration before
calling WriteMakefile so that all the standard Apache::Test functions are


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