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From Stas Bekman <>
Subject Re: Test::More server support redux
Date Thu, 05 Aug 2004 19:20:20 GMT
Geoffrey Young wrote:
>>>>why this change? is there anything wrong with -Mlib? 
>>>yes.  the problem is that currently all.t does not get run properly from
>>>Apache-Test/.  the current code adds makes @INC look like
>>>perl-framework/Apache-Test/Apache-Test/lib when running from the A-T
>>right, so the solution is to expand it to the full path as everywhere
>>else. Don't rely on relative paths.
> the problem isn't relative versus absolute paths - vars{'top_dir'} is
> already absolute.  the problem is that top_dir is different when run from
> perl-framework/ versus perl-framework/Apache-Test/ - so
> perl-framework/t/php/all.t hits that code and all is well,
> perl-framework/Apache-Test/t/more/all.t hits it and can't find the proper lib.
> I thought there was some code I could use to resolve the issue for me (in
> the "I've moved t/" code) but I didn't see it.

Ah sorry, I've missed the Apache-Test/Apache-Test/ concat.

Still this is a run-time thingy, why can't you check at run time whether 
a directory exists and pick the right one? Pushing both just in case, 
doesn't sound right.

Me thinking that run_t simply wasn't adjusted to accomodate the change 
of moving into t/ on the startup. See what I mean?

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