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From Geoffrey Young <>
Subject Re: Test::More server support redux
Date Thu, 05 Aug 2004 18:36:56 GMT

>>why this change? is there anything wrong with -Mlib? 
> yes.  the problem is that currently all.t does not get run properly from
> Apache-Test/.  the current code adds makes @INC look like
> perl-framework/Apache-Test/Apache-Test/lib when running from the A-T directory.

I should add that there's nothing wrong with -Mlib, but that I chose
PERL5LIB because it separates paths on colons and -Mlib doesn't, which saved
me needing to store two $lib variables and add -Mlib twice.  and I didn't
think it was a big deal with -T for the reasons mentioned (which I did
consider :)


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