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From Geoffrey Young <>
Subject Re: libwww-perl 5.800 failures
Date Thu, 05 Aug 2004 12:16:24 GMT

> What lwp_do was trying to do is to avoid the copying of 10MB strings 
> between the A-T code and LWP, feeding LWP in chunks. I suppose that 5.800
> dropped that functionality, but since it made content_ref settable, I've
> used that as a workaround.


> Now, that was definitely not a showstopper,

right.  but since I had a few other things that I was tinkering with I
thought it wouldn't hurt to hold off on the release.  I specifically wanted
to get the @PHP_MODULE@ substitution to match need_php() in the same release
(which I didn't realize until now).

anyway, the A-T changes since the candidate have been minor, so I could go
either way with just releasing or rolling a new candidate at this point.

> since it seems like everything in TestCommon* is really httpd-test
> specific. Or do you think it can be reused anywhere else? If not, may be
> we should drop all that code from Apache-Test and move it into
> perl-framework/t/lib?

I never understood why all of that was part of Apache-Test anyway, so I
wouldn't mind yanking it out in the next release if someone volunteers :)


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