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From Stas Bekman <>
Subject Re: libwww-perl 5.800 failures
Date Thu, 05 Aug 2004 07:06:08 GMT
Geoffrey Young wrote:
> hi all...
> I just upgraded to libwww-perl 5.800 and found that a few POST tests started
> failing where they didn't before, namely t/apache/post.t and t/http11/post.t.
> I think the underlying problem is this change in HTTP::Message:
>     HTTP::Message will now allow an external 'content_ref'
>     to be set.  This can for instance be used to let HTTP::Request
>     objects pick up content data from some scalar variable without
>     having to copy it.
> which I think means that you can no longer set
>   my $content = sub {...};
>   $request->content($content);
> as we do in Apache::TestCommonPost::lwp_do().  I didn't write that code and
> am having a hard time following it, but I assume that the coderef assumed
> LWP would call the coderef until the C-L was fulfilled, which seems to no
> longer be true.
> so, if anyone is familiar with how TestCommonPost works and what it is
> testing, it would be really helpful if you could explain why the buffering
> in lwp_do is required and why we can't just set $response->content to the
> C-L size up front.

What lwp_do was trying to do is to avoid the copying of 10MB strings 
between the A-T code and LWP, feeding LWP in chunks. I suppose that 
5.800 dropped that functionality, but since it made content_ref 
settable, I've used that as a workaround.

Now, that was definitely not a showstopper, since it seems like 
everything in TestCommon* is really httpd-test specific. Or do you think 
it can be reused anywhere else? If not, may be we should drop all that 
code from Apache-Test and move it into perl-framework/t/lib?

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