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From Geoffrey Young <>
Subject Re: A::T :withtestmore
Date Sat, 10 Jul 2004 19:10:11 GMT

William McKee wrote:
> Hi Geoff,
> Thanks for the info and the patch. I applied the patch without a problem
> and then went to install the developer release of T::M. Dost my eyes
> decieve me or does that say it was last updated on November 11, 2002?
> That's a long release cycle.


> At any rate, I installed the latest copy of T::M and read your
> directions in the patch. 

I couldn't get that patch to apply to current cvs.

> However, I'm still not getting the expected
> results. I suppose that could be the fuzz factor you mentioned but put
> together a new version of my test package in case you want to see if I'm
> just doing something stupid[1].

well, I get the same results, and I can't see offhand what you are doing
wrong.  but I started a tarball from scratch and was able to get it working
with no problem at all.  so, try this tarball

which includes a new patch against current cvs.  after installing
Test-Simple-0.48_01 I get the expected output:

server localhost.localdomain:8529 started
# Using Apache/ version 1.13
ok 1 - use Apache::Constants;
All tests successful.

note (among other things) the lack of verbose headers.

> I understand that you can't release this code until T::M is released but
> considering that T::M may be a bit longer baking, an additional caveat
> in the A::T pod would be useful in case T::M doesn't get released before
> the next release of A::T. I've attached a patch against the pristine
> version of 1.12.

I thought I mentioned something like that someplace?  oh, well... yeah, I'll
look it over and make sure the docs are better.


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