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From William McKee <>
Subject Documentation question
Date Fri, 30 Apr 2004 13:45:44 GMT
Hi Stas,

I'm working with an intern to create a graphical depiction of the A::T
process. As we were working on this image, I came across the following
lines in your testing doc on[1]:

The corresponding request part of the test is named just like the
response part, using the following translation:

  $response_test =~ s|t/[^/]+/Test([^/]+)/(.*).pm$|t/\L$1\E/$2.t|;

  so for example t/response/TestApache/ becomes:

Is this still accurate? My experience is that
t/response/MyModule/ becomes t/mymodule/mytest.t. Could you
please resolve the differences for me?



Knowmad Services Inc.

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