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From Abhishek Khandelwal <>
Subject Apache-httpd -Test coverage
Date Sat, 08 May 2004 03:01:42 GMT

I am trying to find out the code-coverage for httpd using the

I am trying to use Rational's PureCoverage tool to do that.
One of the requirements for Purecoverage tool is to insert purecov
before CC(cc or gcc) in makefile.

Does anyone have idea, how to insert purecov before cc in makefile?

Since the makefile of httpd is automatically generated using configure
script, it has to be done automatically.

I tried to pass CC="purecov gcc" to the configure, but it inserts
purecov everywhere and purecov tries to instrument .a and .so files as
well, which should not be done at compile time.

Anyone has any idea about how to proceed, please let me know.


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