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From Geoffrey Young <>
Subject Re: t_cmp oddities
Date Wed, 14 Apr 2004 02:22:03 GMT

> whichever is fine with me. Though please explain where did you take that
> standard from? I think most modules follow the followinig import
> convention:
> - a word 'foo' usually means symbol and you'd expect to be able to use
> it in a form of (*$@%&)foo.
> - a tag ':foo' means, import a group of tags.
> - a string '-foo' means, tell import to do something, i.e. a command.

outside of our world and I've never seen the '-foo' syntax.  that
Exporter doesn't support it natively led me to believe that it was merely a
convention used by only a few.  but I'll accept that it is more standard
than I think :)

> And I prefer 'withtestmore', to imply: don't not import symbols
> exportable by Test::More.

ok, withtestmore it is.  but if it's ok with you I still prefer the
':withtestmore' version - somehow the '-withtestmore' still looks strange to
me, especially within quotes or qw and without an action (as in -compile =>

>> but whatever.  I'm just trying to make userspace easier.
> geoff++

so you're in favor, then?  if you are, I figure I'll commit it and some
docs, then hope some of the Test::More fans (hi David) can see if it makes
life easier before the next release.


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