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From Stas Bekman <>
Subject Re: t_cmp oddities
Date Tue, 13 Apr 2004 00:06:49 GMT
Geoffrey Young wrote:
>>I understand that your patch proposes to introduce:
>>use Apache::TestUtil qw(:testmore);
>>use Test::More;
> Apache::Test, not TestUtil, but yes.

argh, right, which makes my second part of the answer mostly irrelevant since 
I thought you were talking about TestUtil.

>>There are two things:
>>1. :tesmore imports has nothing to do with Test::More, so that tag is
>>very confusing. How about fixing import() instead and use a special
>>optional first argument:
>>use Apache::TestUtil '-withtestmore';
>>use Test::More;
>>or similar?
> testmore, withtestmore, whatever you want to call it.  as for the '-foo'
> versus 'foo' stuff one is more standard than the other but however you
> prefer is fine.

whichever is fine with me. Though please explain where did you take that 
standard from? I think most modules follow the followinig import convention:

- a word 'foo' usually means symbol and you'd expect to be able to use it in a 
form of (*$@%&)foo.

- a tag ':foo' means, import a group of tags.

- a string '-foo' means, tell import to do something, i.e. a command.

And I prefer 'withtestmore', to imply: don't not import symbols exportable by 

>>2. Apache::TestUtil's ok, skip and plan aren't compatible with
>>Test::More's one, so I'm not sure what do you achieve with this patch.
> what you get is all of Apache::Test except ok, skip, and plan.  those are
> the methods that get redefined warnings and cause problems when you try to
> mix the two modules (especially with fatal warnings).  in particular
> Test::More requires you to use Test::More::plan() or else each of its
> methods (say, is_deeply()) complains about not having called Test::More::plan().

That makes sense.

>>IMHO, users wanting to only use Apache::TestUtil's certain functions
>>while using Test::More should simply import only those functions.
>>Problem solved.
> for the most part I (and others I have talked to) want to use just about all
> the methods from each: all the have_* functions from Apache::Test as well as
> the like() functions from Test::More.  if you wanted that, you would need to
> hand-type 17 import methods from Apache::Test.  this eliminates the need for
> that and allows for a more idiomatic usage.  simply
>   use Apache::TestUtil qw(:testmore);
>   use Test::More;
> gives you everything from Apache::Test except those methods that collide
> with Test::More.  you are then free to use Apache::TestUtil functions in
> your tests while keeping with Test::More's familar plan() and ok() interface.

See you are confused just as I do :0) It's Apache::Test, not Apache::TestUtil 
that you are after. It was just a wrong thread to disscuss this, my head was 
absorbed inside TestUtil.

> but whatever.  I'm just trying to make userspace easier.


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