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From Stas Bekman <>
Subject Re: more on the perl-framework on windows
Date Mon, 29 Mar 2004 21:20:02 GMT
Rodent of Unusual Size wrote:
> Geoffrey Young wrote:
>>I'm happy to work on this, and I can sense your frustration. if I understand
>>you correctly, what you want to do is this:
>>$ perl Makefile.PL -apxs /apache/2.0.48/worker/perl-5.8.3/bin/apxs
>>$ t/TEST -conf
>>and then copy all the resulting configurations, .so files, etc to a box that
>>doesn't have make and still run the perl-framework.  yes?
> close, but not quite.  the apache.exe and apxs(.*) file may be
> in a different location on each machine tested.  so what i want to
> be able to do, on a non-msvc-enabled win32 system, is
> 1. perl Makefile.PL -apxs wherever-or-omit -httpd c:/path/to/apache.exe
> 2. [restore the perl-framework/c-modules/.../*.so files from a zip]
> 3. perl -whatever-options-are-needed-but-won'
> 4. perl t/TEST modules/env
> whether the [restore] happens before or after #3 above i don't
> care -- i just want to be able to configure the frameworks according
> to the layout on the box being tested, then put the correct .so files
> in place, and then be able to run the tests.  WITHOUT it trying to be
> smart and rebuild what doesn't need to be rebuilt, using tools that
> aren't available.
> frustrated?  o yeah..  i can't trace and follow all the byways of how
> it figures out what it wants to do, not in the time available.  i've
> spent a couple of weeks fighting with this now, and frustration is
> about all i've gotten out of it. :-(
> stas, can we get together on irc on this one?  i really need to bring
> this to a state i can use asap.  i'm rous on

that's what i came up with so far on the irc:

so here is what i suggest as a quick workaround

- you build things on your machine as before now you copy the whole project 
into a separate directory and move to work there (so that you don't mess with 
the source repository)

- next you do:

  mkdir so-modules
  cp -r c-modules/*/.lib/*.so so-modules

  so now they won't get nuked

- next you need to tell a-t where to find them

  so you want to modify t/conf/ to add

  LoadModule call for each of these modules

e.g. just throw them into t/conf/

- now hide c-modules so that on the target machine it won't try to build it again

   mv c-modules c-modules.bak

- now tar the package and ship it

- on the target machine it should just worl

of course all this can be automated, but first check whether it works for you

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