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From Stas Bekman <>
Subject Re: [Cpanplus-bugs] buferring STDERR breaks the install logic
Date Thu, 18 Mar 2004 19:28:56 GMT
Jos I. Boumans wrote:
> On Feb 25, 2004, at 8:10 PM, Stas Bekman wrote:
>> Apache::Test's "make test" can't be run as root if it gets unpacked 
>> somewhere under /root/, since Apache needs to run as 'nobody' which 
>> can't read/write files under /root/. Apache::Test's build nicely 
>> detects that situation and lets users to opt out from running 'make test'
> I'm sorry, i'm not able to reproduce this behaviour with CPANPLUS 0.049;
> see a copy of the commands+output i've used below the sig
> What version of CPANPLUS are you using?

0.048, which was the latest when I've submitted this report. I've upgraded to 
0.049  and the problem is still there.

>> When running under there are no problems. But when running 
>> under CPANPLUS, STDERR is buffered and the logic flow is broken. First 
>> the user gets the prompt:
>>   CPAN Terminal> i Apache::Test
>>   ...
>>   Skip the test suite? [No]
> I'm not getting this question -- Is this during 'perl Makefile.PL', 
> because that one is /always/ run with verbose = 1 to allow for 
> interactive makefile.pls

This happens during 'make test'. A-T gives users a chance to skip the test 
suite once it's started, when certain conditions occur.

To reproduce it you need to run as 'root' and have cpanplus build directory 
under /root/ or somewhere else where normal users can't read/write. Please let 
me know if you need any other help to reproduce it.

>> of course, the user can't make the right decision and reports us an 
>> error, which is not a module's problem. CPANPLUS is broken in that 
>> respect.
> I'm still not sure /what/ is supposedly broken, since Apache::Test does 
> not behave in the way you describe for me.

Please see above.

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