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From Geoffrey Young <>
Subject Re: disabling sticky preferences
Date Thu, 11 Mar 2004 22:49:11 GMT

Stas Bekman wrote:
> Geoffrey Young wrote:
>> hi all
>> I'm _still_ having problems with sticky preferences.  unfortunately, I
>> don't
>> have the time atm to locate the specifics, but basically I was trying to
>> compile a 1.3 static build (without mod_so) using -httpd.  while A-T
>> found
>> the proper httpd, LoadModule statements that pointed to my last 2.0
>> install
>> were still being generated.
> probably because of apxs and httpd mismatch?

yes.  IIRC it got httpd right but APXS (note the caps) was carried over.

>> so, with my developer hat on I'd like to see the problem fixed.  maybe
>> next
>> week I'll reproduce and track it down.
>> but with my user hat on I'm starting to get really irked by all of this.
>> really, I don't want sticky preferences and never did (as a user,
>> remember
>> :).  so, can we perhaps support
>> way to totally disable them - no attempting to load ~/.apache-test/, no
>> generation of ~/.apache-test/, etc?
> +1, though let's keep the env var the same as the function name, so I'd
> prefer
> $ENV{APACHE_TEST_NO_CUSTOM_CONFIG} (even though yours sounds better, so
> may be we should change the function name).
> in any case just add:
> in the custom_config_load sub.

I think it's actually a bit more than that.  just adding it there still
saves away ~/.apache-test/ for the run, even if it didn't exist initially.
what I wanted was a way to toally avoid it from the outset. anyway, I think
this patch does the trick, but you would know better than I would whether it
is enough.


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