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From Stas Bekman <>
Subject Re: [A-T patch] give a hint how to raise the timeout
Date Fri, 05 Mar 2004 01:59:27 GMT
David Wheeler wrote:
> On Mar 4, 2004, at 5:09 PM, Stas Bekman wrote:
>> Not in this case. T-H wasn't called yet. It gets called only after 
>> server successfully starts.
> Ah, right, okay.
>> If you they did:
>> % make test
>> but you'd suggest to run:
>> % ./Build test
>> not only it'll confuse the user, who aren't aware of Build or t/TEST 
>> (in caes of Makemaker) existance, but it also won't do what you wanted 
>> the user to do. For example 'make test' in mp2 runs several tests 
>> suites and also ensures to print a bug report banner. t/TEST will run 
>> only one test suite and won't print the banner (unless the flag 
>> -bugreport flag will be passed).
> All I'm saying is that it could be confusing if they ran './build test' 
> and you're asking them to run 'make test'. But FWIW, I see this type of 
> problem all the time. For example, CPAN and CPANPLUS will prompt you to 
> run 'make install UNINST=1' when they notice older versions of a module 
> you're installing, even if the module is using Module::Build and needs 
> to run './Build install uninst=1'. I don't know of a simple answer to 
> this problem, but using 'make install' is probably the simplest thing to 
> do for the time being.

Ideally you'd know what was the original command they have executed, but it's 
not possible. The most correct answer would be $0, since they will at least 
get to run the correct part if it was a bigger 'make test' or something else.

Alternatively we could say:

   giving up after 121 secs. If you think that your system
   is slow or overloaded try again with a longer timeout value.
   For example set the env var APACHE_TEST_STARTUP_TIMEOUT to a longer value,
   e.g. 400 and repeat the last command.

But can we trust the user to know how to set an env var? May be we should.

Of course in my proposed wording:


wont' work on C-shell complient systems, and hopefully they have /bin/env or a 
built-in 'env' function. So may be the above suggestion is the best.

The only reason I mentioned -startup_timeout=420 is that if they have already 
used that option, APACHE_TEST_STARTUP_TIMEOUT won't take an effect, since 
command line options override env vars. But may be they will figure it out on 
their own.

Really, what I'm after is to give users as many hints as possible to get their 
side's problem resolved by themselves before they waste their and my time 
submitting a bug which is not.

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