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From Rodent of Unusual Size <Ken.C...@Golux.Com>
Subject Re: new one: rwrite on aix with 1.3
Date Mon, 01 Mar 2004 20:33:19 GMT
Stas Bekman wrote:
>> just went through and reconfigured the server build, built it, installed
>> it, cleaned out the .so files in the framework tree, and re-ran
>> t/TEST -{stop,clean,configure) and then t/TEST .  same results.
> it doesn't mean that the compiler and the same compile options were used, does it?

should be, since the apxs file store the compiler and options so that
modules will be built the same way.

>> how could i tell how the module was built?
> by looking at the output of 'make test' (after 'make clean').

nothing there suggests that it's being built with anything other than the
standard options.

okey, cding down into perl-framework/c-modules/test_rwrite and

/home/coar/web/server/bin/apxs -DAPACHE1
-I/home/coar/ibm/testpak/perl-framework/c-modules -c mod_test_rwrite.c
-I../lib/expat-lite -g -O2 -DSHARED_MODULE -I/home/coar/web/server/include
-I/home/coar/ibm/testpak/perl-framework/c-modules -DAPACHE1  -c mod_test_rwrite.c
ld -H512 -T512 -bhalt:4 -bM:SRE -bnoentry
-bI:/home/coar/web/server/libexec/httpd.exp -lc -o
ld: 0711-244 ERROR: No csects or exported symbols have been saved.
apxs:Break: Command failed with rc=8
make: 1254-004 The error code from the last command is 1.

the options are correct, but the module isn't being created properly.

so, two problems here:

1. what needs to be done to get the module to build correctly?  (working
   on that; it's obviously some bogus aix thing)
2. the framework needs to varf and bail out if it gets errors building
   its modules -- currently it ignores the error status, evidently.

i'll tackle the former, while maybe stas can look at the latter.
#ken	P-)}

Ken Coar, Sanagendamgagwedweinini  http://Ken.Coar.Org/
Author, developer, opinionist      http://Apache-Server.Com/

"Millennium hand and shrimp!"

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