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From "Adam Lee" <>
Subject Flood and cookies
Date Thu, 12 Feb 2004 00:15:13 GMT
Hello Everyone - 

I apologize if I am emailing this to wrong place; I'm new to using software from Apache. I
have a question about using flood. I've scoured the Apache web site for an answer to my question,
but couldn't find it. I've successfully installed flood and run some simple tests using the
examples provided. What I need to do is propogate cookies; recieve cookies from my web server
and then pass them back in subsequent requests. The Flood Design Document at
says in Functional Requirements 3.c that load testing a set of URLs in sequence with cookie
propogation is a function intended to be incorporated into flood. Is this currently incorporated?
If so, could someone give me an example of the xml needed.

Thank you - Adam

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