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From Rodent of Unusual Size <Ken.C...@Golux.Com>
Subject Re: skipping and installing
Date Fri, 27 Feb 2004 12:39:39 GMT
Geoffrey Young wrote:
>> bugger.  if the bloody package continues running through the rest of
>> the tests even after encountering a failure -- which is right, and what
>> it does -- it should use a uniform report syntax and most certainly *not*
>> conceal details about the totals.. :-(
> I can't say that I follow all of that :)

i mean that some applications halt as soon as they encounter the first
error.  the test suite, on the other hand, doggedly continues until it
has tried all the tests.  which is, of course, how it should be.  but
its summary information should not include totals when all succeed and
omit them when there are failures.

> but I ran a few tests with my own A-T modules and see that I do indeed get
> the final summary line all the time - both when there are failures and when
> there are not.  so, it looks like an issue with your wrapper and not A-T
> core, yes?

no.  if i run only a test script that passes completely, i get

All tests successful.
Files=1, Tests=408, 4 wallclock secs ( 3.13 cusr +  0.43 csys =  3.56 CPU)

if i run only a script that fails, i get

t/apache/limits....FAILED test 9
        Failed 1/10 tests, 90.00% okay
Failed Test       Stat Estat Total Fail  Failed  List of Failed
t/apache/limits.t               10    1  10.00%  9

and that's it.

> btw, did t/TEST -conf work for you?

yes, that was the ticket.
#ken	P-)}

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