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From Stas Bekman <>
Subject [ANNOUNCE] Apache::Test 1.08 RC1
Date Tue, 24 Feb 2004 00:53:48 GMT
We would like to release Apache::Test 1.08. It includes multiple changes and 
improvements, therefore we need your help to test it and report any problems 
you may have noticed.


Changes so far:

Instead of hard-coding listen directive to, use the server
name. [Gozer]

added -defines configuration option, providing a way to pass additional
-D names to the server for use in <IfDefine> blocks.  [Geoffrey Young]

Make it possible to run TEST (or another driving script) from any path
(e.g. t/TEST, ./TEST, /full/path/to/t/TEST) [Stas]

If at least one *conf*.in files is modified since the last
configuration, make sure to regenerate them all, so the right ports
will be assigned. [Stas]

Make sure that Apache-Test modules are installed into INSTALLSITEARCH
during a standalone build. Because EU::MM does so when A-T is bundled
with mp2, and we want to avoid having A-T installed in two different
places under @INC. [Stas]

HTTP/0.9 responses no longer croak, provided $ENV{APACHE_TEST_HTTP_09_OK}
is true.  [Geoffrey Young]

Hard-code listen directive to, solving problems for people
with IPv4 & IPv6 address until a better solution is found. [Gozer]

prefix Apache::TestTrace (non-colour mode) messages with the loglevel,
similar to what Apache does. [Stas]

Instrument A-T with an optional successful (shell-wise) abort of the
test suite, by asking the user whether they want to continue w/o
completing the test suite. Use it in places where we know that the
test suite will certaionly fail (e.g. running from /root as 'root', or
not providing httpd/apxs locations). [Stas]

In order to make Apache-Test compatible with the rest of Perl testing
frameworks, we no longer chdir into t/, but run from the root of the
project (where t/ resides). A test needing to know where it's running
from (e.g. to read/write files/dirs on the filesystem), should do that
relative to the serverroot, documentroot and other server
configuration variables, available via
Apache::Test::vars('serverroot'), Apache::Test::vars('documentroot'),
etc. [Stas]

Apache::Test::vars() can now query for config arguments [Stas]

generate t/conf if it does not already exist, which
it may not if the tests are entirely autoconfigured.
[Geoffrey Young]

Special to Apache-Test environment variables:
are now moved to:
respectively, for consistency with other APACHE_TEST_ env vars and in
order not to interfere with other projects that may use the same env
vars. [Stas]

if $self->{reconfigure} is true, make sure to perform a complete
reconfiguration, to solve the bug where files weren't reparsed
and vhost hostport info was getting lost on subsequent runs when
APACHE env var was set (one of the cases when $self->{reconfigure} is
true). [Stas]

handle "Include conf/*conf" cases when inheriting httpd.conf in a
cleaner way, don't complain that "*conf" doesn't exist, since it's a
glob pattern. Instead check try to resolve the base directory. [Stas]

import the Apache::TestMM clean target in Makefile.PL so 'make clean'
will call t/TEST -clean [Stas]

fix have_apache_version(), have_min_apache_version(), and
have_min_module_version() to use proper numeric version strings
in comparisons.  thanks to Rafael Garcia-Suarez for the spot.
[Geoffrey Young]

fix Apache::TestConfig::which to check that the found file is a plain
file [Stas]

implementing custom interactive and non-interactive (with the -save
option) reusable configuration for -httpd, -apxs, -user, -group, and
-port [Randy Kobes, Stas]

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