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From Geoffrey Young <>
Subject Re: skipping and installing
Date Mon, 23 Feb 2004 19:22:38 GMT

>> -    $file ||= 'SKIP';
>> +    $file ||= catfile Apache::Test::vars('serverroot'), 'SKIP';
> Geoff, you are making a good point of removing the hardcoding of t/
> towards the idea of being able to split the test suite. 

well, it's an idea that we're all working toward, yourself included :)

> There are a few
> other places where t/ is hardcoded. But at those places, e.g.:
> Apache-Test/lib/Apache/                push @tests, "t/$arg";
> Apache-Test/lib/Apache/                push @tests, "t/$arg.t";
> Apache::Test::vars('serverroot') is not available yet. 

are you sure?  at the top of that function it grabs

    my $top_dir = $self->{test_config}->{vars}->{top_dir};

surely if top_dir is available then serverroot is also, since they're both
setup in TestConfig::new().

what I would change there is this

  #need the t/ for stat-ing, but don't want to include it in test output
  $arg =~ s@^(?:\./)?t/@@;

so that t/ is derived from the proper serverroot, then those two lines can
concat the proper value back.

but this is also an aside from the patch I posted, since it seems to be ok
(now that I've tested it :)

or maybe I'm not reading you right.  it's monday and I'm not all here :)


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