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From Stas Bekman <>
Subject Re: Apache::TestTrace: changing non-coloured tracing prefices
Date Tue, 03 Feb 2004 05:15:36 GMT
Geoffrey Young wrote:
> Stas Bekman wrote:
>>I find that users get confused about the various tracing codes used by
>>A-T, since it's not necessarily clear what all these '&&&', '***', '!!!'
>>prefices mean and how to tell which ones are crucial errors and which
>>ones aren't. So I suggest to just print the level ala Apache log
>>messages, e.g.:
>>% APACHE_TEST_COLOR=0 t/TEST -trace=debug
>>[warning] setting ulimit to allow core files
>>ulimit -c unlimited;
>>/home/stas/perl/5.8.1-ithread-nouseshrplib/bin/perl5.8.1 t/TEST
>>[  debug] isolated httpd_info VERSION = Apache/2.0.49-dev
>>[  debug] generating conf/httpd.conf
>>[  debug] generating conf/
>>[  debug] saving config data to
>>[  error] port 8529 is in use, cannot determine server pid to shutdown
>>not sure whether to align to the left, right or do any alignment at all
>>('warning' is a 7 chars, info is only 4.)
> I don't think they need to be aligned.  other than that, +1

So it'll look like:

[warning] setting ulimit to allow core files
ulimit -c unlimited; /home/stas/perl/5.8.1-ithread-nouseshrplib/bin/perl5.8.1 
t/TEST -trace=debug
[debug] isolated httpd_info VERSION = Apache/2.0.49-dev
[crit] generating conf/httpd.conf
[debug] generating conf/
[todo] saving config data to
[error] port 8529 is in use, cannot determine server pid to shutdown

I prefer to have a visual alignment, but if you think the above is ok, it's 
fine with me (I don't use non-coloured tracing anyway).

>>I'd like keeping the colored output (that you get with
>>APACHE_TEST_COLOR=1) as it is now, since it's very convenient for us (at
>>least for me ;), who use the tracing all the time and know to tell the
>>level by the colour. Adding [foo] token prefices will just add to the
>>clutter, IMHO.
> are you suggesting to remove all prefixes and use only colors?  I absolutely
> can't stand colored terminals (of course - seems we disagree on _everything_
> now :)

> it might make sense to remove the prefixes if you have colors enabled
> (might, but probably not - users are supposed to know somehow that red is
> "more severe" than blue?) but I don't think they can be removed altogether.

No, no, I'm not suggesting that at all. We have never had any prefixes when 
colours are on (and they are off by default). I suggested to fix only the 
default non-coloured tracing, keeping the coloured ones as before.

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