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From Geoffrey Young <>
Subject Re: more sticky preferences issues...
Date Thu, 15 Jan 2004 23:21:47 GMT

> which means that even without any actual installs
> I think you didn't finish the sentence?

which means that even without any actually installs [2]


> I think because we test only for httpd's setting. that must be the
> reason. Try passing -httpd instead for now.

I will

>> I know lots of work went into this already, but might it be worth the
>> time
>> to back it all out and start with a spec first?  something that the
>> few of
>> us that are interested can tweak until we thing we have all the bases
>> covered?
> Sure, that's why I didn't want to commit it in first place. I know I've
> promised to work on fixes but didn't get to it. So unless you can wait a
> bit more, I'm fine with reverting.

if you think you can get to it within the next week or two, I'm fine to
leave it as is.  if you'd rather back it out and revisit it as a whole after
first tossing around a spec, I'm fine with that too.  really, it's whatever
you want to do - I was just offering suggestions and trying log the kinds of
things I usually use A-T for that aren't working quite right.


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