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Subject Re: Regarding Apache 2.0.48 and specweb99
Date Fri, 09 Jan 2004 16:10:59 GMT
Joshua Schnee wrote:

> I am attempting to set up the latest Apache server and RHEL 64bit to use 
> in a Specweb99 run and am running into cgi issues.  I am very new to 
> Apache, and am having difficulty getting apache to run/use/find my 
> cgi-script.  Static content works fine, but I am getting improper file 
> returned errors on all but the command/reset.
> Would either of you will willing to help?

I am copying the mailing list where all the Apache 
specweb99 people hang out.  You might want to subscribe if you are going to be 
working with specweb99 for a while.  See for info 
on the mailing list and the project in general.  There are two other 
sub-projects discussed on this list but the total traffic is low.

OK, some questions.  Are you trying to use mod_specweb99 for dynamic content, or 
are you trying to use just a CGI?  If it's the latter, do any CGIs work for you? 
  Apache ships two sample CGIs in the cgi-bin install directory, printenv and 
test-cgi.  Make sure you chmod +x them or they won't work; it's a mystery to me 
why we install them without execute permissions.  If you see the CGI code 
returned to the client rather than the result of executing the script, you 
probably need to tweak your httpd.conf to tell Apache that this is a CGI and not 
just a static file.  Here's what I have:

<Directory /spec_docroot/cgi-bin >
     Options ExecCGI
     SetHandler cgi-script

If you can get the Apache sample CGIs to work but still have problems, you are 
probably seeing failures at the beginning of the run where the SPEC client tests 
the various types of URLs.  Fortunately, the client prints the URLs before it 
tests them.  Cut-n-paste the failing URLs into a browser navigation bar and hit 
enter.  What does the browser display?

Hope this helps.

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