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From William McKee <>
Subject Re: Perl test framework, TestConfig, and debugging A::T
Date Fri, 16 Jan 2004 19:17:30 GMT
On Fri, Jan 16, 2004 at 02:01:15PM -0500, Geoffrey Young wrote:
> you can use have_lwp() to check for LWP support.  have_module() is handy too.


> > OK. FYI, I didn't see anything about this in the docs. I looked at the
> > t/ dir in Apache::Test and only see request.t and ping.t. The
> > was basically empty. Which other test suites did you have
> > in mind?
> the mod_perl test suite, as well as a number of CPAN modules.  take a peek
> at the Apache modules under

I just grabbed the mod_perl distribution and took a look in there. I'm
not grokking how these tests work and cannot run them because I don't
have an Apache2 server installed. I'll try some of the modules in your

> > So in my case the TEST script that runs my tests is acting as the
> > client? I'm not seeing how creating a response handler is going to make
> > this work. Is the response handler setup in the or with a
> > test?
> see

Thanks. I overlooked that the first time and am now getting
documentation blindness. It seems that the section may be missing a
configuration for the How is the /TestApache__cool
uri getting defined?

> I've only been following this thread half-heartedly, but a number of the
> questions you raise make me wonder if you've really read the available
> documentation for Apache-Test.

Honestly, I am trying my best. The problems I am encountering are
changing perspective from a cgi to a mod_perl framework which thus
entails learning lots more about the Apache server than I've ever known
before. My apologies if you think these questions are inane or
off-topic. As you know, network programming can be a very complex beast,
esp when you don't have a very complete understanding of all the pieces

The documentation that you pointed me to is starting to make sense. I
had thought that putting the following into my would
handle the dynamic responses without the need for further code:

    <Location /TestApache__write>
        SetHandler modperl
        PerlResponseHandler TestApache::write

I'm still perplexed at the moment as to why it does not. Hopefully
further study of the documentation and the other suggestions you made
will help to clear up my confusion.

> I wrote a rather simple article that tries to introduce it

It's next on my list of reading.

> which has links to other documentation at the end.  the example given in the
> article covers both mp1 and mp2, and has links to sample tarballs, which you
> might try using as a fresh starting point for your work.

That would be helpful as it seems my test package is in dire straits.

Many thanks,

Knowmad Services Inc.

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