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From "noam solomon" <>
Subject Help ! with dynamic variables
Date Thu, 18 Dec 2003 16:33:14 GMT
First of all, thanks for "flood".   It's a great piece of software which is 
helping me a lot.  I'm trying to use the dynamic variables feature, and keep 
running into problems.  I put together a sample file based on 
examples/round-robin-dynamic.xml, with the following URLList:

    <name>Test Hosts</name>
    <description>A bunch of hosts we want to hit</description>
    <url method="GET" responsetemplate="&lt;A HREF=([^ ]*) "
    <url method="GET"  requesttemplate="${ALink}"/>

The output I get is:

1071764663989897 1071764664159057 1071764664159105 1071764664857261 
7306 OK 1026
Segmentation fault (core dumped)

I suspect the segmentation fault is because '${Alink}' isn't actuailly 
replaced with anything.  For example, if I add a line:

<url method="GET"  

and run the program, the output is:
1071764992203937 1071764992267897 1071764992267943 1071764992811490 
1071764992811545 OK 1026
1071764992811774 1071764992873755 1071764992873769 1071764993232564 
1071764993232589 OK 1026${ALink}

It seems like if it was really substituing into the template string, then 
${ALink} would be replaced with nothing.

Any ideas?  Maybe I configured something wrong?


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