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From Stas Bekman <>
Date Tue, 23 Dec 2003 00:02:20 GMT
William McKee wrote:
> Hi again,
> More problems with configuring my Apache::Test setup. I have
> successfully added the Apache::Test framework into a current project. As
> I'm adding new tests, I need to update the code in my modules. To this
> end, I followed the advice in the docs to set APACHE_TEST_LIVE_DEV.
> Running t/TEST -config correctly created the with the
> path to my project/lib directory. However, it also adds paths to the
> blib directory above this one which means that I have to run make each
> time my modules change in order to get my test server to see the
> updates (currently I'm using t/TEST -run-tests to prevent restarting the
> server everytime). Deleting the blib paths (there are 2 that get added)
> does not make any difference (even if I restart the test server).

By putting it last (after blib):

use lib '/home/stas/work/modules/Apache-Filter-HTTPHeadersFixup/t/response';
use lib '/home/stas/work/modules/Apache-Filter-HTTPHeadersFixup/blib/arch';
use lib '/home/stas/work/modules/Apache-Filter-HTTPHeadersFixup/blib/lib';
use Apache2;
use lib '/home/stas/work/modules/Apache-Filter-HTTPHeadersFixup/lib';

it ensures that it'll be first in @INC. So it does it right.

Show us an example of a module that you put in project/lib/ and it finds the 
blib/ one instead. Are you sure you fully qualify the package name in lib/?

> Questions:
> 	1) Why is t/TEST -config adding the blib paths?

it has to, because not all packages contain only .pm files, but .xs too and 
they end up in blib/.

> 	2) Why aren't my changes to affecting the @INC hash?

they do. Have you dumped your @INC? Are you sure you aren't calling 'use blib' 
somewhere in your code?

e.g. change to dump @INC at the end of the file. I'm pretty 
sure that lib is the first dir.

> I can't seem to find much documentation about the or
> files. Any pointers would be most appreciated!

Right, there is no documentation. Patches are welcome.

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