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From Stas Bekman <>
Subject Re: Getting User and Group from custom httpd.conf
Date Wed, 17 Dec 2003 18:02:28 GMT
William McKee wrote:
>>Suggestion #2:
>>Don't build/test as root. This is a bad practice. Build/test as a normal 
>>user and only 'su'/'sudo' when running 'make install'.
> Yeah I agree with the sentiment and usu. do this when installing
> software manually, but how does one install via CPAN shell? It seems
> that interface was made to be run as root. Am I missing something that
> would allow me to set it up to build/test as normal user and install as
> root?

All you need to do is to setup to have its build dir under non-root 
directory, e.g. /tmp/.cpan. And the issue is solved.

> The other idea I've had is to gather this information via the processes
> already in place as well as perhaps Suggestion #1 and then present this
> information to the user in an interactive format such as done by
> HTTP::ApacheCookie. This allows users to specify alternate values if the
> system guesses incorrectly.

Yes, yes, this is all planned to do. Hopefully next month. This won't solve 
the problem of running from under /root. Apache doesn't run under root and it 
won't be able to read files under /root, ever. So you have no choice but to 
build the project under some directory that user 'nobody' (or the one set via 
APACHE_USER/APACHE_GROUP) can read/write/execute.

> I'd be willing to implement these changes if someone on the list can
> point me to the module and subroutine where I should be making them.
> Would the best place for these questions be in the TEST script? That
> would get tedious though when doing testing during development.

The plan is to adopt CPAN/ to do the same for A-T. I'm planning to 
work on this somewhere next month.

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