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From Geoffrey Young <>
Subject limits.t and 400/413
Date Wed, 10 Dec 2003 19:26:00 GMT
hi all

t/apache/limits.t has one failure on Apache 1.3 - a chunked body that
exceeds the limits.  2.0/2.1 returns 413 (entity too large) while 1.3
returns 400 (bad request).

after looking at the code in 1.3 I think this is intentional -
ap_get_client_block specifically handles this condition, while the 2.0 tree
seems to handle it elsewhere.

furthermore, it seems people were aware of this at the time (over 2 years
ago) - the comments from version 1.4 are

	Whew!  Now tests upload chunking properly -- but Apache 1.3
	may be responding with a 400 when it should be a 413.  Many
	thanks to Doug MacEachern and Gisle Aas for their help with
	getting the HTTP/1.1 chunking stuff working.

so, at this point I'm convinced that 1.3 and 2.0 geniunely differ in this
respect.  so, assuming that this is a legacy behavior in 1.3 that will
probably never be addressed, here is a patch to set 1.3 expectations.  if
there are feelings that it should be marked as TODO, please let me know.


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