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From Stas Bekman <>
Subject Re: status of the perl-framework
Date Mon, 08 Dec 2003 21:04:43 GMT
Geoffrey Young wrote:

>>I'm not sure. IMHO we should leave the failures and coredumps until the module
>>is fixed :-)
> well, my idea (at least) is to have a clean test suite for 1.3, 2.0, and
> 2.1.  theoretically, there may be "broken" code in 2.0 indefinitely - places
> where the answer is "yes, we know it's broken.  please upgrade."  in cases
> like that, it's probably more proper to skip (or todo) the test on one
> platform, rather than having the tests constantly (knowingly) fail.

I suppose for each failure you need to ask the developers whether they think 
it should be fixed in 2.0 or not. If yes, then mark it as a todo item (don't 
just skip it). If not, then certainly skip it and add a reason why it's going 
to stay broken in 2.0.

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