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From Geoffrey Young <>
Subject Re: status of the perl-framework
Date Mon, 08 Dec 2003 20:46:41 GMT

>>Use of bare << to mean <<"" is deprecated at modules/include.t line 120.
>>which is probably new to 5.8.2.
> Interesting. << doesn't occur within include.t. So it happens within the
> framework?

hmm, perhaps.  I was actually planning on getting down and dirty tomorrow :)
 but yes, it could be the framework or an interaction between them.

>>sound ok?
> I'm not sure. IMHO we should leave the failures and coredumps until the module
> is fixed :-)

well, my idea (at least) is to have a clean test suite for 1.3, 2.0, and
2.1.  theoretically, there may be "broken" code in 2.0 indefinitely - places
where the answer is "yes, we know it's broken.  please upgrade."  in cases
like that, it's probably more proper to skip (or todo) the test on one
platform, rather than having the tests constantly (knowingly) fail.

where I'm going with all of this is that if we have a clean test suite for
all versions, then maybe it would help to relieve the burden from core folks
if patchers could say "patch attached, all tests pass."  not that it would
replace other due diligence factors, mind you, but it might make the
difference to some core developer in deciding whether to shepherd a patch in
if they knew the didn't need to mess around with even getting it to compile
or the tests to pass.

now, you can't change a community, and I'm not trying to (well, not directly
anyway :)  however, none of the above can happen without a clean test suite,
so I'm doing what I can in case it makes a difference.  if you build it,
they will come.

but contrary opinions welcome :)


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