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From "MATHIHALLI,MADHUSUDAN (HP-Cupertino,ex1)" <>
Subject RE: Regarding Apache 2.0.48 and specweb99
Date Thu, 04 Dec 2003 00:09:16 GMT

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>Two possibilities:
>* the command/Fetch URI is stuck also, or

I don't think the client did any Fetch when apache stopped.

>* something died holding the post lock, and it didn't get 
>automagically cleaned up.

I attached gdb to each of the httpd's, and among 20 processes (with 50
threads each), 8 of them were stuck with the do_post thing, and others were
not doing anything !. The error_log didn't say anything about the error..

>I recall hearing that SysV sems are notorious for that on 
>some platforms.

I'm thinking of having the SEM_UNDO flag while creating the semaphore (if
it's not already enabled)

There's one more thing I noticed (might be specific to HP-UX) : I saw more
errors with keepalive ON rather than when it was OFF.


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